When will pre orders start shipping?

January 2024 is the expected launch date! Orders will be shipped in the order they are received. You may place your order now to secure a spot in the fulfillment line.

If you have any further questions please email us!

Where should I hang Color Calendar in my home?

It is highly recommended that Color Calendar live in a common space or area that is accessible to the whole family. If you have small children, it must be hung out of reach to minimize magnets being pulled off and lost or mouthed. Some examples that work well are a wall in the kitchen or family room, a mud room/entry way, or a door in a common space.

How do I hang Color Calendar?

Watch “How to Hang My Color Calendar” on the How To page.

Where do I store magnets that are not in use that week?

The backside of the color calendar is a great place to store magnets that are not in use. They remain hidden from view while it hangs on the wall, out of reach from kids, and easily accessible if/when adjustments need to be made to the schedule.

How big are the magnets?
The magnetic tiles are 1×1 inch square.
Why are the days of the week different colors?

The days of the week are represented by colors to help young children that are still developing verbal skills and a concept of time. Colors are one of the first things toddlers learn, which makes them a perfect stand in for words like “Tuesday” and “Friday” that sound too similar and mean nothing to a little kid.

Why are the days of the week not printed on Color Calendar?

Color Calendar was designed to be wordless for a few reasons. The first is that it is inclusive of all families regardless of their native language. The second is that it is friendly towards children that are pre-literate. The names of the days of the week are difficult for little kids to remember and pronounce, but colors are simple and provide a visual cue that helps each day look and feel different. Third is that it allows for complete flexibility in regards to which day starts the week. The “Green Day” can be Sunday, Monday, or any day of the week your family chooses and magnets can be placed accordingly.

How do I know which magnets to choose for my child?

As a general rule, children at a preschool developmental level benefit from seeing daily routines and repeat events. This means morning routines such as breakfast, dressing for the day, school, nap time, art class, or swim lessons, etc. Children at the school age developmental level benefit from seeing what is expected of them and which activities they attend during after school hours. For example, homework time, chores, lessons, sports, doctor visits, and screen time. 

Think about how often your child participates in a given task (daily, bi-weekly, or less) and choose how many of each you’ll need to build the week. 

How do I set up Color Calendar?

Visit the How To page to watch videos that detail set up according to your child’s developmental level and needs. If you still have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to send us an email

Do I have to plan what we are doing for the entire week at the beginning of the week?

No. If certain activities in your days do not repeat consistently or land where they may depending on many moving pieces, it’s okay to take the week day by day.
What we suggest is setting up the week with the routines and activities that never change. For example, we always eat breakfast, get dressed, take a nap, brush teeth etc. Seeing the elements of the day that are consistent will help your child learn how to predict what happens in a day. You can add specifics, such as an outing to the park, errand running, a doctor visit etc. the night before or the morning of, when the day’s demands become more clear. If your child has a low tolerance for changes to plans please head to the How To page and watch “How To Set Up My Color Calendar Day by Day”

My child is highly opinionated about the flow of the day and I fear that seeing what is happening will only make them more angry and stressed.

It is common for young children to become highly opinionated and resistant to plans. This is a natural function of developing autonomy. It can be quite distressing and uncomfortable to hear and see your child in emotional distress. The good news is that consistency and boundaries are the antidote to this issue and Color Calendar is the perfect tool to help your child through this difficult time. Please visit our About page and How To section to learn more about this issue and how Color Calendar can help. If you would like help creating an individualized plan please email the founder directly at noelle@mycolorcalendar.com

Can I use one calendar for multiple children?

Yes! Visit the How To page and watch “How to Set Up Color Calendar for Multiple Children”

If you have more than three kids and all of your kids have multiple extra curricular activities, then it might work best to have a separate calendar for younger and older children. If you need further guidance please send us an email!

What is the benefit of adding “Faces” to Color Calendar?

Using faces makes it easy to see who is expected to engage in a given activity at a glance. Faces can help differentiate which child attends a particular activity or is responsible for a certain chore, as well as which adult is accompanying a child on an outing.

For children that experience some separation anxiety or vocalize a preference for a particular caregiver, using faces can help to alleviate the worry surrounding who is available and when. Faces are also useful to depict which parent is available or present while another is traveling, as well as when other caregivers (such as baby-sitters, nannies, friends, or grandparents) are responsible for carrying out certain routines or activities.

Please visit the How To page to learn more about using personal photos with Color Calendar. If you need further guidance please send us an email!

I decided that I do want to use “Faces” with Color Calendar. Is it too late to order them?

No, you can order additional magnets at any time. Visit our Shop page and click the “Add Faces and More” button to upload personal photos and order your custom magnets.

What if my child participates in an activity that is not included in the bank of art?

Within the “Add Faces and More” customization option, you are able to upload personal photos of anything you wish. Keep in mind the magnets are 1×1 inch. For best results the photos should be as up close as possible with minimal background activity. Please use the questions form below to submit your activity request and we will work on having it illustrated. We can also provide suggestions that might not be exactly right, but close enough. A child can usually learn to associate a certain image with an activity even if it isn’t exact.

My child has added new activities to their schedule, can I order additional magnets?

Yes. Visit our Shop page to order additional magnets.

Why is 25 the minimum order for "Faces" and Replacement Magnets?

All magnets are made to order due to the custom nature of Color Calendar. Twenty five is the minimum due to the labor involved, print layouts, and magnet machine specifications. 

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